Apropå distansförhållanden; det här blev min och M’s låt när jag bodde i Sundsvall. Den är så himla fin och passar fint till två personer som älskar varandra med femtiotre mil emellan. Eller tjugosju.

Shed a tear ‘cause I’m missing youI’m still alright to smileGirl, I think about you every day nowWas a time when I wasn’t sureBut you set my mind at easeThere is no doubt you’re in my heart now
Said woman take it slowIt’ll work itself out fineAll we need is just a little patienceSaid sugar make it slowAnd we’ll come together fineAll we need is just a little patiencePatience, patience, patienceOoh, oh, yeah
I sit here on the stairs‘Cause I’d rather be aloneIf I can’t have you right now, I’ll wait dearSometimes, I get so tenseBut I can’t speed up the timeBut you know, love, there’s one more thing to consider
Said woman take it slowThings will be just fineYou and I’ll just use just a little patienceSaid sugar take the time‘Cause the lights they shine so bright‘Cause you and I’ve got what it takes to make itWe won’t fake it, ooh never break it‘Cause I can’t take it

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